Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beauty In The "Good State"

In my humble opinion, Michigan will always be "the good state".  I grew up there and I especially love northern Michigan.  These pictures are all taken in the Huron Forest.  Enjoy!

 This is walking down one of the many paths at Camp CedarRidge where I've spent my past 23 summers.

 These are the Lumberman's Monument Dunes were my husband proposed to me eight years ago.

 The view as you walk out of our cabin at Camp CedarRidge.

 Sunset at Sawmill Point campground in Oscoda.
 A view of the Au Sable River.
 The Au Sable river at Sawmill Point.

 The beginnings of an evening sunset at camp.
 The sun setting looking at "Heart Attack Hill"
See why I love this place?